Vice principal’s message

MRS.GRACE SHEELA – Vice Principal

I consider it a great and unique privilege to be a part of the family of Union Christian. It is a great challenge to be involved in preparing young minds to face the challenges of life in this vast, competitive world which is rapidly changing.

But as George Gritter remarks, “A duty which becomes a desire will ultimately become a delight,” the challenge of moulding the young minds of today to become the leaders of tomorrow is ultimately my delight.

The aim of education is to bring about the all –round development of an individual and mentor him in his pursuit of excellence and this is where the teacher plays a significant role. We the teachers of UC try our best to bring out the best in our students by playing different roles of a teacher, guide and counselor.

I sincerely hope and pray that the vision of the founders will be fulfilled through our dedicated efforts combined with God’s love and we will be able to play our part well in producing worthy, knowledgeable and accountable citizens for building a healthy society that we can look on with pride.

As Union Christian moves into a new era, embracing another stream of Education, it is my privilege to be at the helm of affairs. I ‘m sure that by God’s immense grace the challenging road ahead will be smooth and enjoyable. As we envisage a transformation in methodologies and systems, we commit ourselves for the tasks ahead with full confidence. I pray that the vision of the founders will be fulfilled through our humble, dedicated efforts. Let everything be for the greater glory of God