Great theatre is about challenging how we think and encouraging us to fantasize about a
world we aspire to.
Willem Dafoe

In our quest to develop world citizens who are have the opportunity to explore their talents and abilities, we have also introduced a theatre program into our school curriculum. Tying up with Crea-Shakthi, we have included one period a week of theatre in the class timetable.

The time is spent helping the students get an introduction to the craft of theatre, learn basic stage presence along studying with various forms of theatre. This program even helps improve the writing skills of the students, and encourages them to have performance-based writing activities. They are taught to develop a storyline, and to present pieces that increase awareness on various social topics. These activities kindle their writing spark, and ignite their imagination. The program also helps the students in voice training, and improving clarity in speaking. Theatre programs are also proven to improve teamwork, peer relations, self-awareness and confidence levels.

Public speaking & debate programs are included to help the students in overall personality development and to improve their thinking ability.

About Crea-Shakthi: Crea-Shakthi is a theatre group committed to the cause of taking the craft to the next generation with special focus and attention provided to the training & skill development of heterogeneous groups between the age group 8 to 25.