Principal’s message

Mrs. Nisha Anil John – Principal

Education at Union Christian Public School facilitates learning in an interactive mode, which beneficial to the student in a plethora of ways. It not only supports the children in understanding the concept, but also enables them to have enduring and deep knowledge in each subject.

Our teachers endeavour to make the learning processes both stimulating and enlivening, while also calling for more observational skills to accelerate a connection to the outside world. In the long run, the students acquire knowledge, skills, values, beliefs and habits to help them grow with confidence and faith in doing things the right way.

Facilitating learning in such a way not only enables students to identify priorities that will help them achieve their targets, but also creates a conducive environment where progress is recognized and appreciated. Acquiring of skills such as leadership, digital literacy, communication, emotional intelligence, entrepreneurship and problem-solving techniques are smart cards that need to be developed by children to face ever-changing situations in today’s world.

The Union Christian Public School, with its motto – “From Darkness into Light”, provides emphasis to values and beliefs that encourage self-respect, honesty, humility and truthfulness. Children understand that God’s love is benevolent and constant with which one can confidently step into each day knowing well that good things are gifts from His hand, and all challenges can be faced in His strength.

We at Union Christian Public School will always strive to help children nurture their hopes, dreams and aspirations to create a generation that cares for each other, and is capable of transforming positive ideas into positive actions.