“It is never too late to be who you might have been.”- George Elliot

Education in the Gen Z era is a challenge for the educationists around the globe. As educational leaders we have to open up our mind and alienate from the traditional approach to teaching and create room for new style in teaching which is centred around learning beyond texts, experiential learning and self-directed learning. Learning must be redefined with the use of technology and should envision a future ready generation.

Constant change is a pre-requisite for growth of any institution. At UCPS, we brought about change in our classroom dynamics including state of the art infrastructure with digital panels, more ventilation and lighting and aesthetic design. Our students are driven towards passion, freedom of expression, inspiring minds, enriched values to build their character and enhanced skill development to be competent in this modern era. We expose them to art and aesthetic experience in all fields of knowledge and fun activities to stress these are effectively woven into their class curriculum.

In line with the New Education Policy of 2020, we kindle our student’s interests and aptitudes through various projects, seminars, participation in intra and inter school competitions. We focus on multidisciplinary learning, practise innovation, reiterate collaborative and integrated learning. We want our children to be original in their ideas and decisive in their actions. We teach them life skills to cope with societal situations at large.

Our teachers are the designers of classrooms - exploring design thinking, developing critical thinking and logical reasoning capabilities. They are the facilitators of learning, making students think out of the box with a student- centric approach.

Parent’s role in nurturing their children is also equally important. They should not neglect their child’s mental and physical wellbeing. They should not impose their interests and ideas on them but give them freedom to voice out their opinion. Don’t weigh them based on their academic calibre alone but based on their extracurricular talents too.We hope that your child’s journey with us will surely help in yielding the best possible results.Let all our combined efforts bring in a new world of learning for our children.To paraphrase the afore-mentioned quote, it is never too late to improve or change. So let’s get going. The moment is NOW!