Book Lovers’ Program

We in Union Christian Public School realize the importance of reading as a skill, and we aim to raise up a generation of readers, thinkers and learners. To achieve this, we have collaborated with the organization “Book Lovers Program for Schools”, and have started sowing a love of books in the hearts of our children.

The Book Lovers’ Program (BLP) for Schools is a reading program designed to get children to love reading storybooks. BLP uses proven strategies to help schools get their children to love to read storybooks. BLP kids are comfortable with large volumes of text. The Book Lovers’ Program was developed in collaboration with English teachers and principals across schools in South India after years of fieldwork. BLP believes in the concept of immersion, and are largely aligned to the Whole Language Approach.

The BLP program relies on the LSRW structure and considers reading as a skill, whose mastery requires guided practice. BLP uses storybooks and storytelling to make children want to read. As they read, contextual activities are used to reinforce learning. The entire ecosystem of our school is transformed to encourage reading.

(Information about the BLPS program was compiled using information from the BLPS India website)