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All students must come to school in clean and tidy uniform on all working days and at school functions.

House uniform with white canvas shoes must be worn on Mondays.(Student VI to X)

Boys must maintain their hair trim and neat. Fancy hair styles and coloured hair is not allowed.

Hair below shoulder length should be neatly plaited for girls.

No coloured clips, bands or combs should be worn. Only black ribbon is permitted. (Girls)

No jewellery except a single pair of small ear stud or earring may be worn. Nails should be neatly clipped.

Use of Mehendi, hair colouring, make up, nail polish is not permitted under any circumstance (Girls).


Name Of Teacher Section
Ms. Regi Alex Primary Section
Ms. Annie George Secondary Section


Contat no: 044 – 26420336 / 044- 26651634